Southern Lynx Cattery
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Rare and Exotic Highland Lynx Cats

Southern Lynx is a family oriented cattery with many beautiful Highland Lynx cats. Because we keep our cats in and around our home, they are around people from the beginning. We have children ranging in age from 4yrs-14yrs. They all love these cats dearly and handle them on a regular basis. We haven't had any problems with our cats not getting along with the family or other pets! They are truly an amazing breed. Please read some of the information on Highland Lynx if you are not familiar with this breed of cat.  Believe me, you will absolutely love them!


The Timberline Cattery founded the Highland Lynx Breed.  Many of our adult cats hail parent(s) directly from from this cattery. We are very proud of our cats and the lineage they represent. They are absolutely beautiful animals and produce the most amazing kittens.

A little info on the breed:

The Highland Lynx cats are very active, but they typically are not curtain climbers. They are usually not very vocal but will occasionally chirp or make calls from time to time. They have the same life expectancy as any domestic cat. They are very alert and intelligent.  Many people say they are more dog-like in their personalities. Many have easily taught their cats to fetch, walk on a leash, etc. Most often, they get along very well with other breeds of cats.


Meet King Monaco

Monaco is our Stud. He is the most laid back cat we have ever encountered. He loves water and will walk on a leash. He especially loves to have his belly rubbed and he is awesome with the children. Monaco has Long Hair, Poly Feet, Curled Ears and a Natural Short Tail. He is a Seal Silver Lynx Point Highland Lynx/Highlander.  


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